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Nordea PINS Credit Card 
If you are a resident of Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, you can apply for Nordea PINS Credit Card. We've partnered up with Nordea Bank, to provide the Nordea PINS Credit Card - a two-in-one combination of your membership card and a credit card. You will be contacted by phone or e-mail by Nordea Bank in regard of appliance and issuance of Nordea PINS Credit Card.
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I authorize and agree that the Bank for the purposes of evaluating of solvency, managing of debts, supply of financial services to collect, accumulate, store or perform any other operations with my personal data, including personal identification number, information about my financial obligations and their fulfillment from financial institutions, information on my industrial relations, to check information about received incomes at State Social Insurance Fund Board's of the Republic of Lithuania database, to transfer, receive and process personal data about myself from third parties (including the Credit Register of the Bank of Latvia, whose regulations are available on the website of the Bank of Latvia under:
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